Auto and Work Related Injuries

Physical Therapy for Motor Vehicle Injuries

Unfortunately, studies show that most of us will be in an auto accident at some point in our lives. We can help to create an individualized plan for you following an accident.

Important Things to Remember

  1. Seek treatment as soon as possible.
  2. If you are seriously hurt, go to the ER or local hospital. Be sure to ask for a physical therapy prescription, just in case you may need it.
  3. If you still experiencing pain or discomfort a few days or more, come to our office to determine if you need further care.
  4. Remember, come in ASAP in order to get better, faster.
  5. Injuries sustained after a car accident if left untreated can lead to spinal degeneration and a host of other problems for years to come.

FINAL NOTE: We find that many people involved in an auto accident that WAS THEIR FAULT never get treatment.

This tends to be due to the fear that their insurance will go up after a claim is filed. Your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is why you have auto insurance in the first place.

Many insurance companies will not raise your rates after 1 or even 2 accidents in the same year.



Physical Therapy for Work Related Injuries

Patients that suffer from work-related injuries may meet the treatment goals of physical therapy but cannot return to work due to deconditioning (being out of shape). Our therapist will work with you to design a program in order to prepare you to return to work. These programs are designed to help patients:

  • Recover their strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase flexibility & mobility
  • Improve cardiorespiratory fitness

Personalized interventions are also provided to decrease the odds of re-injury upon return work.

Typically, these programs consist of personalized, full-body, intensive training with a focus on the activities that are similar to the physical demands required by a particular category of employment.

To learn more about our programs for work related injuries, please give us a call.

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